Holy CRAAP review of Urinary System Resources

A response to the Holy CRAAP! Activity
created by Caryn Fahey (@cfahey)

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I chose the topic of Urinary system for my OER to share on the Padlet. The resources that I found are very helpful and could help to act as in-class activities to supplement the content learning in the course. These types of activities can help me to further “flip” my classroom and allow the students to explore their learning.

When teaching Human Biology I have found that the Urinary system seems to be one of the most difficult topics for students to grasp. The goal behind my search was to find introductory resources that could allow students to kickstart their learning prior to a lecture on the anatomy and physiology of the system. The resources I found will allow students to get the basics of the anatomy before class which would mean we have more time for looking at the physiology of the system and diseases or common daily problems that impact this system. The resources are easy to use and will also create further discussion in class that would allow students to build upon mind maps for the system.

Overall, I have found the suggested repositories easy to use and am impressed with quality of the materials supplied by my search. The curator module has helped me to better understand how to explore the world wide web for quality content and to ensure I follow best practices around borrowing, using and editing available content. I feel as though this course came to me at the right time – as we are being pushed more into the remote learning environment, it is forcing me to learn more about OER’s and providing my students with content and resources that are just as impactful in a remote learning environment.

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