I am an Experimenter!

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  1. Which three experimenter activities did you choose to complete and why? Include the links to your Activity Bank responses.

I choose to create the peer survey on technology use. I do like using surveys in class. I often use surveys to support an anonymous classroom check-in. I created a check-in tool as well! I had never used Poll Everywhere. I thought the activity provided an opportunity to try something new! I will use it again, as it was easy to create the survey and access it after creating the survey.

I also created a video and uploaded it to YouTube for student access. The video provided an intro to recreation and leisure services. The video is meant to be listened to prior to class. I am hoping that with the use of videos students will be ready to engage in conversations in class.

I also decided to use the UDG Agora Project Challenge Bank. In the bank, I explored a tool that assist my thinking in how to optimize the use of technology to improve the current course content. The exercise was easy and very useful. I will be moving forward with some of the course modifications.






2. Identify and explain three overall lessons learned from experimenting with these three activities. How might you use these activities going forward in your teaching practice?

There are lots of resources out there! I did not know about many of the resources shared.

I will continue to explore the many options available.

There are many activities that can be enabled outside of Zoom or the virtual classroom.

I will ensure to use of these tools to support in-person learning.

Students access course material differently.

It is important to stay up to date on how students are accessing course material.  I will purposefully ask students how they are gaining access to course material.  I could even use the Poll Everywhere as a tool to survey the students!



3. You were asked to complete at least one experimenter activity on a tablet or a smartphone
Identify the activity completed and on what type of mobile device.

I used my smartphone to launch the Poll Everywhere activity. It was easy to access.

Identify and explain the advantages and challenges of using this technology tool on a mobile device.

I am not accustomed to using such a small screen. I do realize that my son, 15 years, uses his phone to complete a great deal of his schoolwork. I have a hard time understanding.

Comment on how you might plan for an upcoming assignment to be completed on a tablet or a smartphone.

I could plan to have students complete review questions on phone. I feel this would create flexibility on when they are able to complete the review, i.e., on a bus.

Explain the steps you might take in making access to these devices available to all students.

As discussed, there are some libraries that lone device. Conestoga College also has a lone program; there are limitations to borrowing the devices. I would also want to ensure students have access to wifi. I could request the borrowing of some devices during class time as well.

4. Using a mobile device, camera, or screencasting software highlighted in the Online lecture toolkit to create a short 2-3 minute video of yourself illustrating how, when designing learning experiences in the future, you will use the technologies, ideas, formats, and/or approaches that you experimented with in this module.

Please find the response in the below video.


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