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The three activities I choose were; Infographics, Surveys & Polls and Padlet. The reasons were two fold. First, these are activities that I regularly use in my course design. Second, these are tools with which I am familiar and the learning curve was very low.



Surveys & Polls




The three lessons I learned from experimenting with these tools are:

  1. Educational technology continues to evolve and improve
  2. The ease of use of these tools has increased
  3. The flexibility and adaptability of these tools allows for many uses

I will continue to deploy these tools and activities in my teaching practice. Actually, these exercise reacquainted me with these tools and highlighted how much they have improved and what additional activities they can accommodate.

I completed the Infographics on my iPad. This tool has a native iOS application – the functionality is good on mobile devices. I would certainly deploy Poll Everywhere is a classroom where the majority of students have access to a tablet or phone – it is especially well suited to that method. In the case where access to devices is a problem – in the majority of my teaching classrooms there is access to thin clients – for students not using personal mobile devices these would be available for a web experience.

This link will take you to my reflective video on YouTube – https://youtu.be/6Isx95g4gNA I have also included as the activity link.

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