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With the recent news of Microsoft acquiring Flipgrid and opening it up free for all educators got me thinking that this would make an excellent resource for doing class introductions. Not only does it allow the students to get to know both their instructors and their peers, it also introduces them to a useful piece of EdTech that they might encounter in the future.

I have used Flipgrid for introductions in the past in the Faculty of Education classes,  but now that I have full access to all of the features (again thanks to the Microsoft acquisition), I can expand this to create a more interactive activity by playing something like “Two Truths and A Lie” with the students. Here are the instructions I have included on my Grid for this activity:

The purpose of this grid is to get to know one another prior to the start of class. To start with, introduce yourself using your full name. Next, we are going to play Two Truths and A Lie. Brainstorm two things about yourself that you want to share and then make something up. Record your video with this information and then respond to at least 3 other students trying to guess their lie. After everybody has posted we will update our videos revealing the truths and lies to each other.

If you would like to try out Flipgrid, including using video responses head over to  and use the password #OExtend to access it. Record a video introducing yourself and then respond to any other videos that are there to try and guess the lie. DM me on Twitter once you’ve done that and I can tell you which are the truths then. 🙂


Example for "Introduce Yourself Using Flipgrid":

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