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I have had students who have expressed challenges with engaging in class discussions. Some of these students shared that this had not been an expectation in past and that they feared saying something incorrect. I do try to ensure that all engagement is welcomed. I have also noted that some students are busy with technology well the class discussions are occurring. I decided to use an online brainstorming platform to support student engagement. I used Mural to create a student tool to encourage group participation in class discussions. Mural only required my work email to create an account. I am able to invite visitors using the below link. The visitors do not need to be members. I noted that there are many Conestoga faculty that utilize Mural. When you sign up it lets you know who from your institution or organization has memberships.  I did find it challenging to navigate the platform. I would need to create a tutorial for the students as the tutorials available were not good.

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