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I chose to address the lack of some student engagement, and to help drive more class participation during weekly chats. I understand that learning asynchronously can be challenging for students, as they may feel they are alone, or lack support. As a faculty we decided to include weekly synchronous chats in order to review together the week’s learning objectives and summarize important information. However we were finding that there was a lack of engagement, and so I chose to use a new tool called Kahoot to help make the learning more fun, and engaging for students. I looked through many different technologies, and found that this would suit our needs most. Using the protype planning, I mapped out the steps and time necessary for implementation, and found that there was quite a bit of time required, but knew that it would be worth it in the end. Using polls, and interactive software has boosted engagement, and helped break the ice for students, allowing them to speak more freely.

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