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I’ve created an example of collaborative notes using Google docs. The coloured font represents the types of things students might add. This is definitely not flashy or fancy, but I hope, over the semster the students will work together, learn from each other, and practice their writing this way. Each semester my students complete a small assignment at the end of the course where they talk about where they think they’ve improved and where they haven’t, what worked for them and what didn’t, etc. Overwhelmingly they talk about wanting to collaborate, but their actions indicate to me a hesistance to speak first. They are all more than willing to go second, third, etc. It was quite easy for me to empathize, as I was like this as a student (and still am as an adult to some extent!). The idea to use a Google doc flowed out of a more informal activity my class did this past semester that they all mentioned enjoying in their final assignment. I think this could work well, based on the aforementioend activity and feedback, examples from other educators, and the steps we’ve taken in this module to plan out our creations, but my next group of students will be when I can put this to the true test.

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