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Three key characteristics of SoTL that resonate with my professional experience and practice: 

  1. Teaching is an experiment or a loop: syllabus as a hypothesis (I teach this material this way, then x will happen). The loop closing should be examined:  – what worked, what didn’t, and it should be done in a systematic way. Individual acts of teaching should be evaluated in terms of effectiveness of student learning. Are the assumptions correct? 
  2. Faculty should look closely and critically at student learning, and what you should do with that knowledge. It starts with something that troubles them, pleases them, or something they’d like to know better. Then develop a sense of enquiry about what happens in the classroom. Next, devise a way to answer your question(s) possibly with help from colleagues. Basically, you have a question, a way of going about answering it, and what you do with that information.
  3. It’s about who is doing the work – the number, range, diversity is greatly expanded. This increases the impact of the work.

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