Learning software like learning to drive

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In our medical courses, students are required to learning a data entry process that will create and add to a client’s medical record. The Electronic Medical Record process requires a clear pathway of what information comes first before next processes can occur. Registration of the client’s demographic information must be achieved accurately before the scheduling module can be used to create an appointment for that client. Next, the scheduling will link to the health record which then allows creation of test and other requisitions and letter. Billing is that last entry process. Bills are reliant on there being a scheduling and EMR entry.

This linear process is similar to learning to drive. Particularly, driving a standard rather than an automatic which requires more steps in the process. One must first unlock and enter that car. The key must available comparable to having the medical registration information. Once the car is running, the shifter or drive must be engaged – checking that the correct gear is chosen. Using the brake ensures that the car does not impel backwards or forwards until one is ready to move. Forgetting to engage the clutch in a standard will result in a stall. Similarly, without the registration completed above, the system/car will not move as intended. Once proceeding in the correct direction, knowledge of the processes required to stop, start, signal need to be known, familiar and comfortable before the travel will be smooth.

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