What concept in your discipline is like driving a car?

To Do:

  1. Identify and explain the component skills required to master this concept or skill.
  2. Please share your discipline aligned concept and creative explanation as a response to the Like Driving a Car activity. You can type directly into the text submission area, upload a file, or submit a link to a shared doc.
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This activity is part of the Mastery section of the Teacher for Learning Module.

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131 Responses for this Activity

  • Foundation of Radiation Therapy
    by Alfred Lam (@alam)

    The program I teach is Radiation Therapy to treat cancer patients.  In this profession, Radiation Therapist use very sophisticated machinery to delivery radiation to the patient to treat their cancer diagnosis.  Not only do therapist setup the patient and delivery the radiation; because they see the patient for 4-7 weeks (5 days a week), they more… »

  • How to Conduct an Environmental Scan
    by Erin Gilbart (@egilbart)

    Conducting an environmental scan to identify a healthcare innovation is a key assignment in a course I teach regularly. I put together an infographic to help articulate the key steps involved as well as the purpose of a scan and how it can be used. Skills that students would need to master in order to more… »

  • Like Driving A Car
    by Megan Anderson (@manderson)

    I think you can compare learning how to create an APA refefrence list entry to driving a car. I’ve used a Google Drawing Template to identify the key component skills a student needs to have success in this area – including being able to identify a source type. This is a skill I’ve noticed students more… »

  • Like Driving a Car
    by Nicole Drake (@ndrake)

    One aspect of strategic planning practice that is akin to Driving a Car is stakeholder engagement. To do this effectively, one needs a number of different skills: clear communication, the ability to write or develop the right questions, the ability to network or work as part of a team to reach your intended audience, the more… »

  • Reading: It’s Like Driving a Car!
    by Emily Lejeune (@lejeunee)

    Reading plays a major role in elementary school classrooms. Reading is a difficult skill for students to master because there are a number of skills a student must acquire in order to become a good reader. There are five components of reading. These include vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, and fluency. As a future more… »

  • Like driving a car
    by Caitlin Cull (@ccull)


  • Understanding Moodle LMS (Instructor Perspective)
    by Marc Anderson (@Marc Anderson)

    An understanding of what an activity and resource is, is at the core of understanding what a LMS is. An activity is similar to an assignment paper or quiz, that requires student input. This applies to all activities in Moodle. Resources are equivalent to learning material like readings and PowerPoint slides that instructors can upload more… »

  • Like Driving a Car
    by Gitanjali Shanbhag (@gshanbhag)

    Some concepts in my mental health literacy course talk about helping (specifically “how to talk and offer help”) your friends/loved ones who live with a mental health disorder or who might need a push to go get professional help. As adults, we all have learned by experience how to talk to someone when they are more… »

  • Live driving a car
    by Wendy Tseng (@wtseng.tw)

    Nursing practice is like driving a car. It requires a lot of foundational knowledge in order to develop higher-level thinking. For example, one’s ability to develop critical thinking requires a great level of foundational knowledge, including both arts and science in nursing. Understanding anatomy and physiology will provide the students with the foundation to understand more… »

  • Project Management – Like Driving A Car
    by John Colling (@johncolling)

    It is easy to drive a car, but to get the most out of the experience we need the time to master the options (radio, convertible top, filler cap. Lights, etc.), the same can be said of being an Excellent Project Manager. Remember to be a good project manager one does not need to treat more… »

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