What concept in your discipline is like driving a car?

To Do:

  1. Identify and explain the component skills required to master this concept or skill.
  2. Please share your discipline aligned concept and creative explanation as a response to the Like Driving a Car activity. You can type directly into the text submission area, upload a file, or submit a link to a shared doc.
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This activity is part of the Mastery section of the Teacher for Learning Module.

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209 Responses for this Activity

  • Software Development in the Driver’s Seat
    by Nathan Abourbih (@nathan.abourbih)

    We have a concept called the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in the discipline of software development. Let’s try to compare this to driving a car: Understanding the Controls vs Learning Programming Languages Just as you need to learn how to use the steering wheel, accelerator, brakes, and other controls in a car, you need more… »

  • Extend Activity #5 – Like Driving a Car
    by Tam Visser (@t_visser2)

    Since project management encompasses such a broad assortment of activities, mastery of the role requires a wide range of component skills, including a combination of technical, interpersonal, and leadership skills. This list of component skills includes: Project Planning: ability to create a comprehensive plan – using work breakdown structure, Gantt charts, resource allocation, and risk more… »

  • Activity #5: Like Driving a Car
    by Brigitte Desjardins (@bdesjardins)

    Learning to register for courses using our registration system is like driving a car.  Students must first know how to access our registration platform (which is linked from their student portal).  They must then consult their degree audit which lists the courses they need to complete for their degree.  Our registration platform is a two more… »

  • Learning Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills is Like Driving a Car
    by Julie Harmer (@julieh)

    Learning workplace literacy and essential skills (WLES) can be compared to learning how to drive a car in several ways: Instruction and Training: Just like learning to drive, workplace literacy and essential skills require instruction and training. If you are learning to drive, you might attend a driving school; developing workplace literacy skills may involve more… »

  • Verb Conjugation in FSL
    by Charlotte Delouche (@cdelouche)

    Learning verb conjugation in FSL is like learning to drive. Each verb has various forms that must align with the subject (the driver), the tense (the gear), and the mood (the driving style). Mastering these components makes you better in verb conjugation, just as understanding a car’s mechanics makes you a proficient driver. Understanding of more… »

  • Driving a Car – Project Management
    by Daun Costa (@dacosta)

    Managing a project is like driving a car.  The composition of skills and experience required to manage and lead projects and their teams well takes time and effort. The foundation or technical skills required to plan and document the project is like learning how to turn on the car and run functions when needed like more… »

  • Like Driving a Car
    by Luyi Liang (@LLIANG)

    This is an interesting concept. Professional communication is like driving a car. Taking writing a request email for an example, the writer needs to have a clear understanding of their purpose for writing and establish the appropriate tone, similar to how a driver must be familiar with their car’s manual. Then the writer will carefully more… »

  • Extend Activity #5 – Like Driving a Car
    by Cory M (@C)

    The concept in my discipline that is like driving a car is 3D Modeling. As mentioned the car has different elements that need to be learned and then used as a whole which often becomes autonomous by it’s user as we gain experience. 3D Modeling is very similar concept as it has various components or more… »

  • Like Teaching Computer Applications
    by Johnryl Chu (@Chrono)

    When teaching a computer related course here are some of the concepts to take note of that are similar to teaching how to drive a car: Knowledge and mastery of the terms. Since the skill of driving becomes like an extension of our body, we normally forget how to actually teach certain steps are or more… »

  • Similarities Of Communication And Driving A Car
    by MAJED MOUAZEN (@MMouazen)

    These are a few examples of how communication is similar to driving a car: Reactions to external conditions like traffic jam: we should adjust our communication styles to different scenarios, like the message we are trying to deliver to the audience. Accident on the road (have a car accident or stopped by the police): how more… »

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