Key skills for developing an online course

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When working with faculty to develop online courses some key considerations we work through with them are:

  1. Developing an online presence. We know from the Community of Inquiry framework (University of Toronto) there are 3 types of presence; teaching, social and cognitive and it is important to build in activities and opportunities to allow each of these forms of presence evolve and develop throughout the course.
  2. Universal Design for Learning: We use this framework to promote inclusive and accessible course design and learning environments for students. Considering various ways in which students learn and interact with materials is extremely important when designing activities and assessments for an online course.
  3. We also include brainstorming ideas for setting students up for success within the online environment. Providing students with resources and supports when taking online courses is extremely important. Including guidance around how you plan to use the Learning Management System and the general flow of how your online course is setup is always included. Building in opportunities for accountability and that students take ownership of their learning is also discussed.

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  1. Chadia Mansour

    Thank you Alissa for sharing this valuable example! You made the CoI framework and UDL very easy to understand. Educators will surely benefit from your example.


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