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Performance evaluations, creating quarterly goals, process and impact reviews, reflections – these are all aspects of great organizations that inspire their team to create, complete, evaluate and reflect on the impact that their contributions had on outcomes. Creating proud moments, driving outcomes, establishing ownership and autonomy. We take for granted how much of a regular process creating meaningful goals is and need to really help students break it down, and to understand the need for a strategic approach.

Just like driving a car, the first thing to establish is your destination, or from a goals perspective, an area of opportunity or focus. From here we need to plan our route. How are we going to get there, what specific road needs to be taken, and what time can we account for? We establish SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, rewardable (what is the impact) and time bound. Next, account for potential road blocks, potholes, construction and traffic! Establish the systems behind the SMART goals that will help keep you on track, how to get back in your lane – what is your WHY behind completing these goals, how will it create impact, how will it be rewarding for you to push you back on the success path. Lastly buckle up, understand that some circumstances are not in your control – aka traffic – put on some great music or an inspiring podcast and enjoy the ride!

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