Motivational Statements that lead me to engage in SoTL

A response to the Engage with SoTL Activity
created by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

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The three motivations outlined in the list provided that would inspire greater SoTL engagement in myself (Jane Carr) are:
1) Improved outcomes and assessment scores.
This is the biggest motivator for me to engage in SoTL since we need to constantly research and evaluate our teaching the outcomes and performing the assessments for incoming students who are very diverse in their academic histories
2) Faculty development opportunities.
This is the next most important statement that turns me toward engaging in the SoTL exercises because of the wonderful opportunities it provides in terms of networking and feedback
3) Increased reflection on teaching and learning among colleagues.
This last statement is one that is important to the overall success of our program. There is a HUGE need to have colleagues engage in reflections on teaching and learning during our annual program reviews. To date there is little reflection so improvements to our courses are long overdue. Having reflection performed on our teaching and learning shared amongst us would definitely bring about improvements by ensuring a continuum of knowledge flow.
I was somewhat surprised that Radica Bissoondial was also looking at motivation from the standpoint of improving the way faculty work together.

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