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A response to the Your Metaphor Activity
created by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

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The attached file is my representation of who I am as a teacher.

The  ‘picture’ that represents me as a teacher involved in the process of educating my students is shown in the attached Wordpad document,  as a growing plant powered by an electric cord connected to an electric outlet.  It represents a number of things. First of all, it shows two leaves – one leaf represents that I always have the need to grow in my field in order to provide the best learning experiences for my students.  The field of electronics is ever-changing so one needs to keep on top of things and be sure to integrate these changes into the delivered materials. The second leaf represents another area that needs to grow — my teaching skills.  Both of these leaves of growth need to be refreshed from the perspective of what is relevant in my field. The flower represents what I give to the students ‘stemming’ from my own growth.  It provides the ‘pollen’ for the bees (aka students) to take away — knowledge and shared experiences derived from what I have learned and continue to learn.  So, learning is dynamic and I need to make use of the  new methods of delivery and assessment that are proven to be effective for the current cohort since their experiences and prior learning differ from year to year.

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