Throughout the Teacher for Learning module we’ve explored various types of metaphors for teaching and learning. Now it is time to put it together considering your own teaching philosophy. Reflect upon your own teaching philosophy.

What is your metaphor for
teaching and learning?


To do:

  1. Find a photo or draw a picture that can represent your own metaphor.
  2. Narrate why this image represents you and your approach as a teacher.
  3. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.

This activity is part of the Metacognition section of the Teacher for Learning Module.

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129 Responses for this Activity

  • Sage on Stage to Facilitator of Knowledge
    by Alfred Lam (@alam)

    My personal philosophy on teaching is that I am not a sage of the stage, but rather a facilitator on knowledge.  Even though I am the subject expect in the topic, I feel that I have learned so many things from students in the pass 13 years of teaching.  I feel that my goal towards more… »

  • Metaphor – Teacher as Gardener
    by Erin Gilbart (@egilbart)

    This is a picture of some seeds that I grew this winter in preparation for outdoor gardening season. In exploring the linked resources in this module – the Teachers as Gardeners metaphor really resonated for me as this is a passionate hobby of mine and I think really reflects my approach in the classroom- “Their more… »

  • My Metaphor
    by Megan Anderson (@manderson)

    My metaphor for my teaching is coaching. Perhaps this is an overly simple metaphor, but it one that I really like. I always view my class as my team. We’re in it together, and it’s my job to teach them new skills and refine the skills they already have. Good coaches, like good teachers, are more… »

  • Metaphor: The Gardener
    by Nicole Drake (@ndrake)

    Like others, the metaphor of a gardener resonates with me. The definition on the UW site spoke to nourishing, enhancing and removing impediments, which all align with my goal of assisting the learners to learn foundational knowledge (soil, nourishment) and recognize that each learner is unique and faces different barriers to growth, so I see more… »

  • My Metaphor: My Classroom is a Garden
    by Emily Lejeune (@lejeunee)

    My metaphor for teaching is that my classroom is a garden in which the educator is the gardener and the students are the flowers. The teacher’s job is to tend to the students by building caring relationships, creating a welcoming environment, and teaching the students academics, as well as other lifelong skills. When this is more… »

  • Teaching Philosphy
    by Caitlin Cull (@ccull)


  • Lamplighter
    by Marc Anderson (@Marc Anderson)

    I shed light on key features of technology that can augment instructor workflow. Most of my audience aren’t techy savvy but are willing to learn. It’s the will to learn that truly motivates me to be an expert in my domain because I strive to offer scalable and manageable solutions to instructors, that compliments their more… »

  • Metaphor
    by Gitanjali Shanbhag (@gshanbhag)

    I resonate with the idea of educators being gardeners. I find that educators come into their students lives at various points and help them grow by nourishing them just like in this image below. In this image the people are educators and as we see multiple educators help nourish the students (plants) throughout the students’ more… »

  • Your Metaphor
    by Wendy Tseng (

    I believe that teaching is an act of collaboration. “Shaking hands” flickr photo by Chris-Håvard Berge shared under CC BY-NC 2.0

  • My Teaching Metaphor
    by John Colling (@johncolling)

    I have been teaching for over 30 years in Continuing Education. I recently retired from my “day job” as a Project Manager, and enjoy teaching immensely.

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