Throughout the Teacher for Learning module we’ve explored various types of metaphors for teaching and learning. Now it is time to put it together considering your own teaching philosophy. Reflect upon your own teaching philosophy.

What is your metaphor for
teaching and learning?


To do:

  1. Find a photo or draw a picture that can represent your own metaphor.
  2. Narrate why this image represents you and your approach as a teacher.
  3. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.

This activity is part of the Metacognition section of the Teacher for Learning Module.

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184 Responses for this Activity

  • Peaks and Valleys
    by Tracy Bencze (@Tracy)

    I envision my role as an educator as being akin to a guiding element in the students’ learning journey. My primary objective is to assist students in navigating the expansive realm of personal learning, harnessing their own past experiences and existing knowledge to cultivate insight and foster critical thinking. The image I’ve selected symbolizes my more… »

  • Doorways to Learning
    by Kymberly Ash (@kash)

    I spend a lot of time talking about (and thinking about) threshold concepts in relation to the knowledge and skills I teach. I relate a lot to the idea of leading learners to a doorway that shares a new way of thinking about information. It could be the idea that information has value. This value more… »

  • Your Metaphor: Teamwork
    by Keisha Henry (@keish.henry)

    Activity #7 What’s Your Metaphor? What is Your Metaphor for Teaching and Learning? I chose the image of multiple strings tied together because it represents forming connections, working in teams, and ultimately, unity. This image represents my approach to teaching because my goal for nurses is to work together to reach mutually exclusive goals more… »

  • It’s a puzzle…
    by Trish Morrow (@tmorrow)

    I chose this image as I see my role as the teacher to facilitate student learning by designing optimal learning experiences. In doing this, I help enable and empower students in their learning of the course content and help them take responsibility for their learning. For this approach to be successful engagement is key. This more… »

  • The Staircase
    by Danielle Menezes (@dmenezes)

    This image outlines the pathway of a student. As an educator, the staircase shows larger pieces of learning as a baseline with gradual progression towards the goal of learning. The staircase is structured in a format equivalent to teaching. The pathway isn’t smooth, it can have it’s highs and lows but the “aha” moment or more… »

  • Your Metaphor
    by Victoria Jackson (@victoriaj)

    I chose the metaphor of a guide to encompass the way I see my teaching. I am there to show you some key pieces, the neat spots to look for new things, and to give you a bit of a grounding – then its up to you. A good guide will answer questions from their more… »

  • Teaching for learning metaphor
    by Mark Shannelly (@mshannelly)

    I have always thought of my teaching philosophy as a performance on a stage. In the previous activity, I equated creating a video game to being in a band, and the teaching philosophy metaphor follows in the same vein. For a learner to understand the material, I have to approach as if they have never more… »

  • Your Metaphor
    by Ramandeep Kaur (@Raman)

    I have chosen metaphor of ship

  • Your Metaphor Activity
    by Mary Chaktsiris (@mchaktsi)

    I chose the metaphor of peeling an onion.

  • First Attempt In Learning (F.A.I.L.)
    by Jen Booth (@jen.booth)

    I searched for a few different images around the idea of try, try again, because I have structured my whole course around giving students many opportunities to try, fail (or not do as well as they want), and try again. I have ungraded activities that help students build skills needed for the graded activities (and more… »

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