My Teaching Philosophy – Seeking Light Bulb Moments

A response to the Your Metaphor Activity
created by Brian Smith (@brian.smith)

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I selected this image to reflect my teaching philosophy. Upon examining the¬†exercises for exploring your teaching philosophy and some metaphors for teaching from the University of Waterloo. I found that I really identified with the example of a teaching ‘lamplighter’. Lamplighters attempt to illuminate the minds of their learners. This is congruent with my approach. I believe that learners are eager to learn and my responsibility as an educator is to fuel that desire. When I teach my approach is to construct knowledge with the learner – the reward is the moment of understanding. When the learner has synthesized the information and arrived at their own understanding. ¬†For me as an educator, I am always seeking that moment in the learner when the light bulb illuminates and you can see that reflected in their face.

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