Power of Communication – Digital Cornell notes

A response to the Cornell Notes Activity
created by Jen Booth (@jen.booth)

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For this task, I watched Nina Legath: The Power Of Communication.

I like to take notes, so the cornell notes structure was an interesting experiment. I downloaded a template for my samsung tablet that had the cornell notes layout, but I didn’t find that it worked that well. I need to do a bit more work to understand how to make the templates work better in Samsung notes (the one I used was an image file, and it jumped around randomly when I was trying to write on it).  This was a fairly short (~10 min) video with some overall key messages, so the note taking wasn’t too intense. I think the cornell method would be more effective for a more detailed lecture or presentation.

I’m trying to get into the habit of taking digital notes in meetings, so I might try to fix the template options and then try this again for my next meeting.

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