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created by Brian Smith (@brian.smith)

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I am exploring OER resources in the context of project management. Specifically, related to analysis and scoping.  I started my search with these topics. Here are some of the results:

  1. Managing Project : Stakeholder Analysis, and Communication Planning and Management
    1. Source –
  2. Merlot search was not fruitful.
  3. Oasis eventually lead me to MIT open courseware and this resource – System Project Management
    1. Interesting and maybe an addition to course resources
  4. Core returned this result – Project manager’s pocket guide
    1. Although interesting it was too dated – 2009 to be considered
  5. returned this result – An innovative way to support children with special needs
    1. This was the most provocative project management example – diverse and informative
    2. License – CC BY — NC — ND 4.0 International

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