Promoting metacognition in your students – Activity

A response to the Your Metaphor Activity
created by Isaac Kimunio (@Dr. Isaac Kimunio)

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  1. Explain five strategies that you can use to promote metacognition in learning


  • Teach students how their brains are wired for growth.
  • Give students practice recognizing what they don’t understand.
  • Provide opportunities to reflect on coursework.
  • Have students keep learning journals.
  • Use a “wrapper” to increase students’ monitoring skills.

2.     Consider your own teaching philosophy. What is your metaphor for teaching and learning?


A teacher is a sculptor.

Teachers get students at the start of the school year who have unrefined views about all sorts of things. We’ll ask them questions about topics and they’ll be misinformed, not understand, or simply not know about the topics.

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