Resources for a Palliative Care Course

A response to the Find Your Fit Activity
created by Miranda Mckenzie (@mx_mckenzie)

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Below are the steps I followed to find the 3 OERs I selected.

First repository: Ecampus 

    1. Search 1: search words were ‘palliative care’ and I did end up finding a textbook immediately. 
    2. Search 2: search words were end-of-life, which didn’t yield any relevant results. Then I narrow my search choosing to filter by item type and there were still no useful results.
    3. Search 3: search words were changed to ‘hospice’ and I stumbled on a course that could be helpful.

Second repository: Youtube 

    1. Search 1: search words were “tedtalks + palliative care”, which yielded too many results. Results:
    2. Search 2: I added ‘nursing’ to the previous search words and narrowed down the video suggestions. Results: 
      1. OER 3: (video)

Example for "Resources for a Palliative Care Course":

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