Reviewing of Resources

A response to the Curation Creation Activity
created by Heather Melo (@Heather)

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Is there key information missing from the CRAAP test?

I like the craap test; it provides relevant information into the currency, relevance, appropriateness, accuracy, and purpose of the item considered for use in your course content. The crap test does not provide a review of the accessibility of the resource; will all students be able to access the resource? As a course facilitator, I paid attention to the student engagement potential with the use of the resource; the potential of classroom engagement should be included in the evaluation. I was able to easily locate the creative commons licensing within the resourced image.

Do you prefer a different evaluation rubric?

I do feel a preference for British Columbia’s, Faculty Guide for Evaluating Open Education Resources.

If, after completing the CRAAP test, you would not recommend your resource, try to find another one to replace it.

I am still confident that the resource would meet my needs in exploring the past knowledge of students as it relates to event planning.

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