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I had some challenges with access to the shared folder to share my SoTL research planning. Once I gain access to the shared folder with my google account I will add my document. I have included the word document in the activity submission for reference.



  • Describe your research questions

How can the peer review process better support the learning of students?

  • Describe the prior research you will undertake to inform your research design

I will need to complete literature/research findings (which could be different from literature) to inform my understanding of what SoTL has completed and how I would build on the current research.

  • Explain your plan of action

After reflecting on the potential ethical concerns related to the research proposal, I feel it will be best to use a questionnaire to support the research. I would first provide questions related to the current practice; How would it be best modified? I would then theme the suggestions and make changes to the process.  I would provide the modified process, and peer assessment to the same class (different assignment). I would ask the students engaged in the initial questionnaire to complete a follow-up questionnaire in response to the impacts of the change process.

  • Present a dissemination strategy.

I really want to focus my efforts on ensuring that there are other tools available for people to engage in my research other than the research paper. I plan to use publicly available videos as a tool to support others in accessing and engaging in my findings.


I feel this picture represents the potential reach of our findings with other research methods.

High angle view of video conference with teacher on laptop at home. Top view of girl in video call with personal tutor on computer listening audio course, distance and e-learning education concept.

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