SoTL Plan with Reflection

A response to the Share Your SoTL Research Plan Activity
created by Brian Smith (@brian.smith)

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My Reflective Response

  1. Research Questions
    1. The question I wanted to answer is if students can incorporate the use of AI-Generation Tools into their learning practices in a meaningful and positive way. The question proved hard to phrase, as I struggled with the aspect of proving it out. Leaving me to reflect that a research question is much more difficult to construct than I originally imagined.
  2. Prior Research
    1. I found the references and examples very helpful. I think the only comforting thing when reflecting at this stage was that SoTL resources were diverse and plentiful.  Certainly, the community of SoTL researchers were open about sharing.
  3. Plan of Action
    1. Essentially, I came rapidly to the conclusion that SoTL is rigorous. The work is thoughtful and determined. Before undertaking more SoTL research I would more fully consult references and consider some form of academic study – courseware or certification.
  4. Dissemination Strategy
    1. Once again I perceived this component as straight-forward but upon closer examination SoTL requires a comprehensive design.  All  elements of the SoTL plan are inter-related and must be cohesive. I found myself travelling through the plan and revising sections based on discovery in other sections. For example, if the plan was to disseminate the information in a presentation then that informs the method in which you codify the results – seeking more graphic representations. Conversely, if the information more readily confirms to a written presentation then the dissemination strategy changes. Thus my final conclusion is that the SoTL plan must be aligned and cohesive.
    2. I would share my information with a Open Creative Commons license – only to the extent that ethical guidelines would permit.

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