SoTL Research Plan – Reflection

A response to the Share Your SoTL Research Plan Activity
created by Simon Moll (@smoll)

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The research question will be – How would you leverage an integrated instructor skills microcredential to improve your working conditions? 

What project could you develop by applying it to a digital instruction capacity building course?


Prior Research Areas could include: 

  1. Affinity groups in PD
  2. Communities of practice in a decentralized academic sector
  3. Microcredentials used for articulation of instructor digital competencies with institutional needs
  4. Interprofessional microcredential mobilization strategies
  5. Participatory action research for enhancing teaching/learning conditions via digital literacy improvement. 


Dissemination Strategy:

Co-development of both EE 2.0 and Teaching Online 101 – for co-promotion as an advanced level and entry level pathway respectively. 

Develop connections which will sustain the participation long enough to value the medium term output of post-practice reflection. The activation of a micro-credential, as a career leveraging instrument will take shape in a follow up reflection – an empowered educator conference – where a CFP will be another avenue for dissemination.

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