Syllabus Concept Map

A response to the Syllabus Concept Map Activity
created by Haley Whitelaw (@hwhitelaw)

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This activity is quite timely for me, as I am about to begin teaching a course that I developed. I absolutely love graphic visual representations, and find them incredibly efficient for my own understanding of information, data & knowledge.  While I’ve never attempted to design an infographic, I have utilized the ‘smart art’ feature in PPT and played around with Padlet. I first attempted to create a concept map with MindMup, but the free map feature was basic and I didn’t find it to be very intuitive (i.e. I got frustrated trying to figure it out). I have wanted to incorporate mind-mapping with my students as a tool to visually depict concepts and their interrelationships in a non-linear way since we are now in the online environment and I have had some luck using google jamboard so far. I decided to utilize google drawings to create a circular syllabus concept map.


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