Teaching Metaphor

A response to the Your Metaphor Activity
created by Lindsay Winter (@lwinter)

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A metaphor and a manifesto!

Let me introduce myself, I am Lindsay Winter your CPO. As your Chief Potential Officer I aim to provide knowledge, expertise and resources to drive inquiry and spark interest. I inspire you to show up and take ownership of your learning role and your achievements. I promise to believe in your potential and create space for growth. I strive to bring endless opportunities for your potential!

I commit to be your biggest cheerleader. I strive for our team’s success. I will help to make sure you have all of the tools, I will help to set your mind in a positive frame so that you can bring your best self, and I will be cheering for you to do your best, play hard and have fun!

My enthusiasm and passion will foster the best environment for you to learn, grow, achieve and be your own Chief Potential Officer (CPO).

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