Teaching Philosophy and Metaphor for Learning

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There is a large Sugar Maple tree in my yard that sits atop a hill. It is completely exposed in its environment to sun, wind, rain, snow, and sleet. It is majestic and has an ethereal beauty that predates me and will survive long past my time here. With the evolving seasons mother nature helps that tree nurture its roots and bountiful leaves in spring, stand bold and beautiful in the scorching heat and sun in summer, blow relentlessly in the wind until it drops all of its leaves in fall, and sleep naked during the cold winter. Each spring the cycle starts again and each year that tree is a little bigger, has a few more branches and leaves and stands even more majestically than it did the year before. That tree is a constant source of inspiration and reminder of what it means to be an effective and even inspiring learner and educator. Rebirth. Renewal. Reorder. Replenish.


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