The Sales Process Using OER

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One of the subjects I teach is media sales.  I’ve been looking for another way to present the sales process, so this was a good opportunity to look for some new resources on that subject.

It was a little more difficult to find information in an open textbook than I was expecting, but I did finally track something down here… This is a good written description of the process with a creative commons license that allows for adaptation.  I like that, as this is a general approach to the sales process, and I could have my students, in an exercise, adapt it to represent the more specific media sales process… as it’s slightly unique.

I also found a good visual representation of the sales process on Creative Commons here…, which again allows for adaptation.  This could also be used as a starting point, for those who are more visually inclined, in the same exercise to align it more closely with the media sales process.

The third resource I found was a YouTube video available here…  While this video does not allow for adaptation, I like that it presents the sales process in different language than the other two examples.  I think this would present the concept to my students that there is indeed variability in the way that we can structure this and communicate about it… validating their work in adapting one of the other two resources.

Example for "The Sales Process Using OER":

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