Using an image to illustrate the initial concept of soldering as being an art by Jane Carr

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In the Engineering Skills course, the topic of soldering is explored and experienced.

It is one of the most important skills for our first-year students to learn. There are many points to be considered when examining the technique of soldering and the use of pictures or videos is very important at this time when we are forced to do the theory portions online.

I selected several pictures from a couple of the sites for creative commons that not only show the correct way to hold a soldering iron but also show how one might position the PCB for soldering purposes. These are inserted into the PowerPoints that are presented synchronously online. Students can use the inserted pictures and videos to review asynchronously while they practice their soldering at home.

To find pictures initially, I used the word: “soldering” in the search bar of all the sites.

I also clicked on filters that were found on the sites to filter out specific types of pictures. I found a variety of pictures that were ‘usable’ on each of the creative commons sites but some of the sites also included pictures that were not free and were somewhat costly. I repeated the search for videos and again made use of the filters provided by the sites themselves.
For this exercise, I used Office365 and the creative commons tool included in PowerPoint, along with a picture downloaded from MediaWiki Commons of a boy with a soldering iron on the right-hand side. On the left is an image right from the creative commons picture of Office365’s PowerPoint tool for inserting a picture. This PowerPoint slide would be my introductory slide for the topic of Soldering. I would use this to talk about the art of soldering — how it came about historically and who uses this skill today.
I found all the sites referenced by Ontario Extend to be similar in use but some are busier than others – so many pictures! The Unsplash and Pixabay were annoying in that they seemed to push for purchasing pictures and videos.

As an experiment, I repeated the searches on the same sites, but this time, making use of the BOOLEAN AND to find only soldering as it pertained to electronics. I specified to show me only those pictures which were free to the public. The results were the same or very similar. i did not really notice a huge difference in using the Logic words instead of the provided filters of the various creative common sites.

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