WIIFM Activity – Workplace Health Promotion

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One of my “outside the box” teaching practices is to always promote the idea of learning something. Whether it is subject matter, or if it is the focus on the delivery, the presentation, the approach, the use of visuals, the questions derived, etc. Here are a few other WIIFM aspects that I will encourage my students to focus on.

  • What health feature can you relate to a loved ones experiences – what knowledge/awareness can you lean into to be a resource in a time of need?
  • Learning theories and models are backed by research – it’s what works and is continually proven. How can you resonate each theory with a personal experience?
  • How was the material presented? Did that approach resonate with you? How would you have done it differently and/or better?
  • Discuss how this learning would be applicable or what it would look like in various job settings and roles.
  • Focus on the organization – how was the framework developed? What was the process? What was done first, middle, last?

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