WIIFM as a future Business Analyst?

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In terms of WIIFM from the perspective of our students (future business analysts!), I’ll take a broad approach and brainstorm benefits at the course and/or program level. Considering the primary goal of employability for our Business Analysts, these seem to be relevant WIIFM’s:

  • Building a portfolio of models, case analyses, technical documentation and other representations or samples of work.
  • Working with groups to share knowledge (especially given many of our students come into the program with industry experience), and adding new connections to their professional networks.
  • Curated, supplementary resources shared by faculty that compliment the course material and encourage further learning in niche subject areas.
  • Maintaining a journal of topics, examples, resources and tools mentioned in the course textbook or by the faculty (but not covered in detail) as a way to identify and fill gaps in the student’s knowledge through self-study and professional development.

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