Woohoo – Passed the CRAAP Test!

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So I have to admit – when I was going through the CRAAP test – I was kinda surprised that it was exactly what I had been doing initially going through the repositories and doing my research. I didn’t realize that the skillset that I was using was actually the CRAAP test (which I will never forget as an acronym). As faculty always wanting to learn new skills and ensure we are doing the best we can – we sometimes forget that the skills that we have used in the past – really do work – with the CRAAP test we can now just enhance them!

Perhaps this is why it takes me longer initially to find articles, images, etc –I want to ensure they are relevant to the reader, timely (not from the 80’s – although there are always fun images from the 80s) and ensure that they are from a credible source. Especially in today’s fake media – questionable journalistic integrity – I am definitely more skeptical of media – all types – more than ever. So in summary the CRAAP test – helped me to identify in a word, what I had been doing and reinforced that This is the Way! (Mandolarian Fans)

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