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17 Responses for this Activity

  • UDL – Challenge 2 – Community
    by Adam Zalewski (@azalewski)

    Community I use an activity using Microsoft teams.  We have a community where the students share their experiences and reflect. They are expected to comment on other posts as well and can use emojis. They have found it very interesting because they are sharing from their own unique experiences and learn from others.  I feel more… »

  • Activity #1 – Challenge Set
    by Tam Visser (@t_visser2)

    I have been trying to find ways to incorporate more UDL in my classroom, and I think the challenges provided in the UDL Explorer were great! One challenge that I chose to complete was “Challenge #2: Create and Activity that Builds Community in Your Class” ( Over the course of the last term, I tried more… »

  • Create and activity that builds community in your class
    by Afshan Jabeen (@ajabeen)

    Creating activities that build a community in the classroom is a very positive approach to enhancing a safe learning environment. I teach all science courses in the BScN program and strive to explain difficult concepts through various creative methods. Throughout the semester and on each module, I conduct group presentations, allowing students to learn from more… »

  • Challenge 7: Providing Options for Visual and Auditory Information
    by anh lam (@anhlam)

    This was a great resource for UDL advocates! I selected challenge 7 which is something I am always looking out for when reviewing content submitted by subject matter experts (SME). I usually vet the videos the SME would like to include to ensure there is captioning available to ensure alternative access is available. In other more… »

  • Provide Multiple Media Options about sustainability
    by Oday Aswad (@odayaswad)

    I provided my students with videos, photos, and written case studies to help them choose their preferred sources of information about this critical topic. All are provided in the documents attached.  

  • Challenge Set Activity
    by Ani Amirmooradian Malhami (@Ani)

        In the teacher training program that I teach, candidates engage in collaborative lesson planning over four consecutive terms, with a focus on mastering the art of writing effective lesson plans for their classes. Throughout this process, I provide targeted feedback to help candidates refine their skills and techniques in lesson plan development. By more… »

  • Mastery oriented feedback
    by NIsha Sheen (@NSheen)

    For the group presentation on Global Issues, I plan to redesign the assignment using Mastery Oriented feedback strategy.Instead of delivering the final presentation, learners can share with me the lesson plan for feedback , either face to face or audio mode.This will help gauge their learning experience and work towards a better end product.

  • Unity Interface: Class Community App Design
    by Nathan Abourbih (@nathan.abourbih)

    I opted to complete Challenge 2: Create an Activity that Builds Community in Your Class – UDL Challenge available at: My students are learning to become professional mobile application developers. As such, I thought it would be fitting to ask my students to brainstorm ideas for a new mobile application. In this activity, students more… »

  • UDL Challenge 2: Classroom Community
    by Heather Somerville (@hsomerville)

    Building Community in your Class: UDL Designing activities to build community is important for increasing engagement and ensuring safety. My favourite way to do this is through a low-stakes critical thinking activity. I found it online once upon a time and now I incorporate it into the first weeks of class wherever I can. Firstly, more… »

  • Challenge 3: Provide Multiple Media Options
    by Trish Morrow (@tmorrow)

    See attached document of the assignment.

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    One Response to “Challenge set”

    1. Jenn O'Marra

      I have really gravitated towards Challenge #7. I have decided to make a demo video for all of my students to review after the lesson on their own time. Specifically for those that need to see the content done in front of them and to follow along. I will add captioning to my videos as well as the possibility of a transcript, if that is available in the platform that I am using. I never even thought of a transcript, but that could be very useful for those that might need to run it through a translator as well.


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