Now comes the interesting part: designing a SoTL project of your own.

  • Based on the Scholar module and its consideration and design links, continue to build your own SoTL plan using the document created in the Refine Your SoTL activity (a copy of the template as a Google Doc or downloaded MS Word file).
  • Include considerations of any ethical concerns with the research you are planning.
  • If you are using a Google Doc, click the Share button in the top right, then Get Sharable Link to find the web address for sharing your document for others to view. Use this address when you add your response to this activity or upload the current version of your MS Word document version.

This activity is part of the Designing Your SoTL Project section of the Scholar Module.

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22 Responses for this Activity

  • Design Your SoTL Project
    by Radica Bissoondial (@rbissoondial)  

  • Design my plan
    by amy taylor (@amytaylor)

    I am totally sure I am completing this assignment correctly or answering the correct components.  I do hope that it will all come together when I hand in the last version of this plan.

  • Design of the SoTL Project
    by Valerie Watts (@vwatts)

    My plan focuses on using flipped classrooms to teach mathematics.  Ethical considerations are at the end of the document.

  • Design of the SoTL Project
    by Gary Danner (@gdanner)

    My response for this activity is in the attached PDF in blue font.

  • Design of the SOTL Project
    by Mona Abou Taka (@maboutaka)

    I added the ethical considerations to the bottom of the document in blue font colour.

  • SoTL plan (design draft)
    by Katrina Keefer (@Katrina.Keefer)

    Please see attached for my plan. Ethical considerations and methodology is in red.

  • Engaging Students with APA
    by jessica srivastava (@Jessica)

    Please see the attached file. The ethics considerations are in red.

  • Design SoTL Project
    by Alissa Bigelow (@alissabigelow)

    I’m not sure if I understood the requirements for this section, but I’ve answered as best I can at this stage of the draft SoTL plan.

  • Design: Social Presence Research Plan
    by Shauna Roch (@sroch)

    I like that the whole process is centralized in one document, but I will echo other’s comments that it was difficult to organize the different stages in the process for submission. I ended up using Elan Paulson’s model where she colour-coded the different deliverables. Please see my attached document with the following legend: Black font more… »

  • Design my SoTL Project
    by Kim Wilmink (@KWilmink)

    Once I had identified the research question the design of the plan seem to become easy for me to identify.  I want the students to be more acutely aware that the skills they learn in school through their project work is transferrable to the workplace and can be used as examples of “soft skills” or more… »

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