Now comes the interesting part: designing a SoTL project of your own.

  • Based on the Scholar module and its consideration and design links, continue to build your own SoTL plan using the document created in the Refine Your SoTL activity (a copy of the template as a Google Doc or downloaded MS Word file).
  • Include considerations of any ethical concerns with the research you are planning.
  • If you are using a Google Doc, click the Share button in the top right, then Get Sharable Link to find the web address for sharing your document for others to view. Use this address when you add your response to this activity or upload the current version of your MS Word document version.

This activity is part of the Designing Your SoTL Project section of the Scholar Module.

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12 Responses for this Activity

  • Virtual CoP SoTL design
    by Elan Paulson (@Elan Paulson)

    I think I’ve gotten a little turned around with what items get added to the document in what order for each of these submissions, but I believe I have highlighted in red font the appropriate details of my design plan, some additional research that informs my design, along with a few thoughts that I’ve added more… »

  • SFischer Design SoTL response
    by Sarah Fischer (@sfischer)

    Responses for the Design portion of the activity are noted with “SF (Design response)”… as well as overall review and tweaks to the existing “Considerations/Refine” responses.

  • Design SoTL Quality Education
    by Dorina Grossu (@dgrossu)

    The quality of our life does include the quality of education. My aim is how to ensure that students are engaged in scientific research activities that are inclusive. Dorina Grossu

  • Design for a SoTL Project – Vasudevan Padmanabhan

    I enjoyed designing my SoTL. As I dug deep  and researched I could find a lot of valuable resources. I am very excited and confident of making major improvement. The SoTL result will surely exceed orginal expectations.   .

  • Scholar – Design your SoTL Plan
    by Brian Nuttall (@bnuttall)

    Scholar – Design your SoTL Plan

  • SoLT plan
    by Stephanie Müller (@smuller)

    I love this module. This activity will be ongoing PD for me

  • Diana Degan Design Your SoTL Project
    by Diana Degan (@dianadegan)

    Here is my next stage SoTL document, with additional information added from my extra research.

  • SoTL Research Plan and Ethical Considerations
    by Lynn Chartrand (@lynn_chartrand)

    Research involves a certain amount of ethical consideration.

  • My SOTL Plan for Group Work
    by Mel Young (@melyoung00)

    My full response to the Scholar module prompts.

  • Design Time
    by Melanie Lefebvre (@ProfMelLefebvre)

    I put the Scholar module aside for awhile and recently returned to it. My research question had evolved. I’ve found that participation has naturally improved as rapport has developed and students become more comfortable with small group work in class. What I’ve now become more curious about is how to help students become familiar and comfortable more… »

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