Now comes the fun part: designing a SoTL project of your own.

In this activity you will review the Scholar module information you have been presented with, any considerations and design links, and will continue to design and  build your own SoTL plan using the document created in the Outline Your SoTL activity

To Do:

  1. Update the SoTL plan to include considerations of any ethical concerns with the research you are planning.
  2. Share the link or upload the latest version of your SoTL plan as your response for this activity.
  3. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.

This activity is part of the Designing Your SoTL Project section of the Scholar Module.

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Resources for this Activity

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70 Responses for this Activity

  • My SoTL Plan with Ethical Considerations
    by Shiong Len Chan (@Len)

    I included considerations of ethical concerns in my SoTL plan.

  • Updated Plan for a SoTL Project
    by Munise Gultekin (@MG)

    When conducting the SoTL project, it is crucial to consider any ethical concerns related to the research. Some ethical considerations to address include informed consent, confidentiality and anonymity, respect for participants, and ethical use of data. In addition to addressing these ethical considerations, obtaining ethical approval from an institutional review board or ethics committee may more… »

  • Design My SoTL Project
    by Yana Sokolova (@yana_sokolova)

    I`m planning a research about the incresing of the students engagement in the case when I have both online and offline groups during one class. I understand that the students are not on an equal footing from the start. My offline students are in a working environment, they came to class. While online students are more… »

  • Ethical Considerations
    by Joanna MacDougall (@Joanna MacDougall)

    Ethical considerations include managing the power differential that would exist if I am the principle investigator and also responsible for grading the students. They may fear declining participation or their contributions to the study may impact their grades. The students who may be vulnerable (mental health, international students, indigenous) may experience higher risks associated with more… »

  • Design Your SoTL Project – Ethical Considerations – Andrew Molas
    by Andrew Molas (@amolas)

    The URL has included an “Ethical Consideration” section

  • Plan for a SoTL Project
    by David Schenk (@dschenk)

      Plan for a SoTL Project by David Schenk, Conestoga College Research Question What are you curious about? >> How subject matter experts as guest speakers enhance the learning outcomes of students   What would you like to know about strategies that might hinder and/or help students to learn, in your course? >> How a more… »

  • Designing an ESL Research Project, with Ethical Considerations
    by Sarah Darling (@SDarling)

    Here is an updated design of my ESL research project, with ethical considerations. It seeks to determine which method practicing stress is most effective.

  • Adding to SoTL plan
    by Heather Melo (@Heather)

    In further review of the information shared in the module, I added an Ethical Concerns portion to my plan. I feel that there is much to think about with the relationship between faculty and student present. Heather      

  • Ethical Considerations
    by Lorinda Seward (@Lorinda)

    Google Doc edited to include ethical considerations.

  • SoTL Plan with Ethical Considerations – Kelly Brennan
    by Kelly Brennan (@kmbrennan)

    Attached is my updated SoTL plan with Ethical Considerations

    6 Resources for this Activity

    • Designing the SoTL Plan
      shared by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

      This activity was somewhat challenging for me because I forgot to submit this design document before moving to the next activity. I was so eager to move along in my reading and analyzing and writing that I completely forgot to stop and share. The activities really did flow in a continuum for me. The document more… »

    • Engaging in SoTL (University of Guelph)
      shared by Alan Levine (

      “If you are interested in engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), there are many ways to get started or to develop if you’ve already begun.”

    • Researching Teaching and Student Outcomes in Postsecondary Education A Guide (Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario)
      shared by Alan Levine (

      This guide “provides a concise and reader-friendly introduction to research methods and techniques that encourage innovation and evaluation of practices to improve student success.”

    • Student/Educator Power Imbalance
      shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

      I’m happy to see this module included in the course, as I was immediately concerned about the ethical considerations of using one’s students in any research project… and there hadn’t been any mention of it until now.

    • Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (Government Of Canada Panel on Research Ethics)
      shared by Alan Levine (

      Canada’s “official human research ethics policy of the federal research granting agencies.”

    • Working on the SoTL Design
      shared by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

      In this exercise, I became more aware of the TOOLs that could be used for my research topic. Initially, I was really stressed about WHAT in particular I would need to facilitate the students’ ability to learn independently. I was rather unclear of any tools in technology that would achieve the goal of keeping students more… »

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