The Technology-Enabled Learning Activity Planning Document is an example of one way to map out the planning process, but you might want to develop your own planning notes based on your preferences.

To do:

  1. Complete the Technology-Enabled Learning Activity Planning Document
    • To use the document template, go into the menu on the Google document and make a copyof the file to save in your Google Drive OR
    • Select Download to save it as a file on your computer. Rename the file and complete the template.
  2. Try to estimate the time it will take for you to complete the tasks that are applicable to your prototype. You may not need to do some of the tasks depending on what your prototype will require or, if you will need to do something that isn’t in this list, add it and budget your time.
  3. Submit a shareable link or upload your file in your response to the Prototype Planning activity.
  4. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.

This activity is part of the Prototype section of the Technologist Module.

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115 Responses for this Activity

  • Using Flipgrid to Create Improved Classroom Community: Meet Them Where They Are
    by Sandra Neubauer (@sneubauer)

    Using Flipgrid to Create Improved Classroom Community: Meet Them Where They Are When teaching online, in a world where many students do not turn on their video feeds to show their faces in class, I want to find a way to build more classroom community both student-to-student and also student-to-teacher. The goal is to meet more… »

  • Technology Enabled Learning – Digital Field Trip!
    by Stacey Robert-Tobin (@Prof Robert-Tobin)


  • activity planning document
    by Connie Collins (@Connie2b1g)


  • Simulated learning through Zoom
    by Adam Morse (@amorse)

    Utilizing Zoom as a placeholder for simulated patient engagements and assessments that mimics pandemic/rural healthcare mandates.

  • Protoype Planning Activity
    by Megan Anderson (@manderson)

    I’ve chosen, what I think, will be a relatively techonology to implement. I intentionally chose something that is familiar to my students (and myself) as my students have indicated in the past that they are feeling overwhelmed by almost everything. I’m hoping that by using something familiar they will be more likely to embrace it. more… »

  • H5P Instructor Adoption
    by Marc Anderson (@Marc Anderson)

    This document helped with determining roughly how much time was needed to develop documentation for technology adoption that would help instructors create engaging  content that would foster reinforced learning through weekly/topic activities, through the use of H5P.

  • V. Workman Prototype Planning with Canva and Panopto
    by Victoria Workman (@Victoria Workman)

    Using Canva to develop a personal brand presentation, and then record additional voice narration in Panopto is a strategy for a personal brand assignment to help students develop public speaking skills, and also meet course LO’s,  Working through the planning document set up the steps needed to create an instructional video explaining both tools and more… »

  • V. Workman Prototype Planning
    by Victoria Workman (@Victoria Workman)

    This was interesting to use the planning document, and I found it did help think through the various steps in the process of building a prototype.  It also served as a check list of the important steps.  For instance, ensuring a review for accessibility and reviewing at the end for errors may have been steps more… »

  • Prototype Planning – Student Assessment Dashboard using Trello
    by Jessica Joy (

    Using the Technology-Enabled Learning Activity Planning Document template, I created a plan to develop a prototype “Student Assessment Dashboard” using Trello. In total, I estimated 17 hours to set up the prototype (which included peer review and revisions); however, the actual setup time will vary based on the number of assessments to be included on more… »

  • Brightspace Prototype
    by Emily Lejeune (@lejeunee)

    Use of Brightspace in Elementary Classrooms

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