Online survey or audience response tools are powerful for capturing opinions and understanding your students or colleagues better.

Explore an online survey tool.  Experiment by creating and conducting a five-question survey of your peers about ways to use technology-enabled activities.

Users of the Google suite might try Google Forms, which store data in a spreadsheet stored in your drive (and can be embedded in other sites). Other survey tools like Socrative, and Poll Anywhere are specially aimed at collecting audience feedback on mobile devices. See more survey tools listed in the Extend Toolkit.

In your response to this activity, share a link to your survey results, and share what you learned from the results.

This activity is part of the Let’s Experiment section of the Experimenter Module.

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14 Responses for this Activity

  • Mentimeter Survey tool for Technical Communication course
    by Elizabeth Stanley (@Penny123)

    In my Technical Communications course, I teach graduate engineers.  My colleagues, who also teach the course and I struggle to know how competent the engineers in the class already are in technical communications.  I developed this Mentimeter survey to be used in the first class of the term (September 2021) to evaluate the student’s skill more… »

  • Creating online surveys with Microsoft Forms
    by Brian Percheson (@bpercheson)

    With Microsoft Forms,  I created a five question, student feedback form that I would give to my learners after the end of my unit.  I created my online survey on my smartphone, which was pretty convenient and easy to use, even though I had to use a stylus because I’m not so good with my more… »

  • Survey about using technology with Adult Learners
    by Cynthia Gordon (@cynthia.gordon)

    I created this survey to learn how to create questions in PollEv using different styles.  I am working out how to use this is an asynchronous class

  • Poll Everywhere – Have you taken chemistry before ?
    by Diana Spear (@Diana S)

    I used my phone for this activity to check in with students to see how many of them have taken chemistry before. I always inquire about this at the start of the semester to gauge how much previous understanding they might have of the course material. I have an older phone with a small screen more… »

  • Poll Everywhere for Surveying Educators
    by Jennifer Shelswell (@Jennifer.Shelswell)

    I have used Poll Everywhere several times in my courses over the past year (word cloud, surveys, polls, open-ended questions), but this is the first time I created a survey for educators. My survey focused on the ways to use technology-enabled activities in online learning environments. I find Poll Everywhere very user friendly; however, the only more… »

  • Optional survey for student feedback
    by Charlotte de Araujo (@cdearauj)

    For an online course offering, we incorporated discussion boards and an online optional Zoom session.  The Zoom sessions were case studies to discuss recent advancements made in the field. Students could watch the sessions live.  However we recorded the sessions, in case students wanted to review or revisit the material at a later date. As more… »

  • Course Wrap Up Poll
    by Anne Pearson (@agpearson)

    I created a wrap up poll to use in my final classes so that students could share and see live the responses.  I used Mentimeter live polling for the first time and it went smoother than I hoped for.  I asked the classes what was one thing that they would remember from the course and more… »

  • What is your best guess?
    by Tracey Chase (@traceychase)

    One of the skills I try to help my students enhance is their problem solving skills.  When solving a math problem, it’s important to understand what you are given and what you are asked to solve.  I encourage students to look ahead and have an idea of what the answer should be.  This could be more… »

  • Survey for assignment students to group work
    by Kim Wilmink (@KWilmink)

    For this activity I used google forms.  In the final semester of our program the students are in groups for a capstone project which is part of 3 separate courses.  Myself and the other two professors assign students to the groups.  In the past we have had the students fill out a worksheet in class more… »

  • Polls Anywhere for Meeting Styles
    by Kim Ball (@Kim)

    In the Event Planning Course I teach, I would use the polls anywhere to see if the students understand the set-up of the different meeting styles that are offered. I think it is an amazing tool to use for online teaching to ensure your students are following along with you as well as keep them more… »

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