Cornell Notes

A response to the Cornell Notes Activity
created by Victoria Jackson (@victoriaj)

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I used Albert Zink’s “A 5,300-year-old murder mystery” TED Talk ( as the basis of this activity.


Its an interesting activity. I’ve taken a LOT of notes over the years, but I’ve never done Cornell Notes. I kind of wish I knew about it sooner! I can see this as a very useful study tool, a way to distill lots of complex information down into simple, digestible concepts and ideas. I found colour-coding it distracting, so I removed all of that, but I did keep the idea of key thoughts on the left side, and explanation/details on the right. This way if I am trying to find information quickly, I can just skim the left side to find the info I need, and then review the relevant notes once I’ve found it; so it can help to speed up the study process by focusing your attention on the things you need. I can see this being very useful in class, but also in research (which is how I would use it).

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