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For an example of how to take Cornell notes, I watched a YouTube video on Cornell notes, How to take Cornell notes by Jennifer DesRochers. I found this method of note taking very interesting. The high level concepts and topics on the left side of the page, and the lower level detailed notes on the right provide different levels of detail and allow a quick review of the subject without being mired down in detail. Having the top date/subject area allows for organization, while the summary section at the bottom provides a quick review of the topic.

My usual method of note taking uses indented notations, however, I found that this method allows for more detail on each page, and I can see how it would make studying and recapping important concepts quicker. My Cornell Notes Example was relatively quick and easy to take down, I think I will try this method again in the future during a lecture to see if I can grab more detail with better organization.

I also created a blank form scanned for later use PDF1 that I can reuse in the future.

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