Lab Report Response

Created by Sidney (@data_professor), response for Lab Report Activity

For this module, I experimented with a number of new technologies. I created an animated GIF without using photoshop (which was fun and easy, I will probably use these for my course material development in the future) and I also played around with which seems like a really neat idea. As a huge fan of more… »

Mapping your Personal Learning Network (PLN) Response

Created by Sidney (@data_professor), response for Mapping your PLN Activity

I thought this was a very interesting activity because it parallels something we recently did in MKT1005. In that example, students researched the hashtag #UnitedBreaksGuitars and wrote an essay on what the tweets around the subject, actors, or other factors meant. This is an important point as meaning, or why things are grouped as they more… »

Extending Your Personal Learning Network (PLN) Response

Created by Sidney (@data_professor), response for Private: Extending Your PLN Activity

Here are some of the activities I engage in to expand my PLN: Try to follow new and interesting people on twitter. Look at who people I am interested follow, and follow some of those people too. As of right now, I am following 1,709 people and 384 are following me. I currently have 326 more… »

Oh CRAAP Response

Created by Sidney (@data_professor), response for Holy CRAAP! Activity

This post is going to deal with CRAAP, currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose. Specifically we are going to deal with an issue around open source tools in class. In my program, we sometimes want to make students aware of a particular piece of software, but not each an entire course about it. When looking at more… »

Curation Creation Response

Created by Sidney (@data_professor), response for Curation Creation Activity

For this post I am linking to my padlet of OER resources I collected around social research and ethics I highlighted OER resources that I would use in various courses and started to build a list of how they connect together by topic and subject (to reflect the various courses and subjects in the program).