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This post is going to deal with CRAAP, currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose. Specifically we are going to deal with an issue around open source tools in class. In my program, we sometimes want to make students aware of a particular piece of software, but not each an entire course about it. When looking at various options, the many factors  come into play (such as is it paid, free, or something else, ease of install, required on more than one computer, etc). When talking about twitter analytics,  and assigning homework around it, I did a lot of searching to find an easy to use and free tool that students could use for that one week, not have to do a complicated install on their home computers, or involve IT on campus. I ended up settling for SocioViz. It seemed to work well, and even though it was very simplistic, allowed the students to explore a limited twitter data set.

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