Feeling Apprehensive

A response to the Learner Challenge Activity
created by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

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At the time that I wrote the note in the padlet area, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed and apprehensive.  Writing out my feelings clarified that I need to apply the principle of Design Thinking to my preparation for the fall semester.  I know that I am dealing with the HUGE unknown since I have no way of knowing my learners at this point but I must prepare for the journey.

My thoughts are to have some exercises in the very first week to truly get to know my learners so that I can modify any pre-semester  work activities that I have designed and planned for to perform in the first 7 weeks of the course.  Since we are using a 7-1-7 delivery this gives me the opportunity to make changes in the final leg of the course journey to bring about a successful conclusion to the course.

One of the main things I hope to teach the incoming first year students is the importance of time management.  To do this I am thinking of having exercises that break down into small chunks the key objectives; this is meant to inspire in the students a feeling of accomplishment in  finishing a work in a timely fashion (before the class ends) while still having a minimum of work to be done outside of the class as homework with the objective of preparing for the next class.


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