Holy CRAAP! – Philosophy and Ethics

A response to the Holy CRAAP! Activity
created by Andrew Molas (@amolas)

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  1. Andrew Molas

    The document did not include my CRAAP Test so here it is below

    CRAAP Test
    Resource Title:
    Introduction to Philosophy : Ethics
    Resource URL:
    Currency: The timeliness of the information: When was the resource published or posted? Has the resource been revised or updated? Does your topic require current information? Are the links functional?
    It was published in December 2019. It was last updated in August 2020. The topic does not require current information since it is more historical in nature. The links are functional in 2023
    Relevance: The importance of the information for your needs Does the resource relate to your needs? Who is the intended audience? Is the information in the resource at an appropriate level for your learners?
    Yes the resources relates to my needs because it provides an overview of each of the ethical theories. The audience is for an introductory philosophy course, which would be first or second year students. The information is presented at an appropriate level
    Authority: The source of the information Who is the creator?  What are their credentials or organizational affiliations? Are they qualified to write on this topic?
    The authors are PhDs in philosophy and related fields, or philosophers by trade, so they are qualified to write on this topic. Institutional affiliations are Plymouth State University, Pennsylvania College of Technology, University of British Columbia
    Accuracy: The reliability and truthfulness of the information Is the information supported by evidence? Has the resource been reviewed or refereed? Are there spelling, grammar, or typographical errors?
    The source seems reliable
    Purpose: The reason the information exists Why does this resource exist? (to inform, teach, sell, entertain, or persuade?) Is the information fact, opinion, or propaganda? Are there political, ideological, cultural, religious, institutional, or personal biases?
    The resource exists as an open source text to teach students an introduction to philosophical ethics. The information is based on presenting a theory and defending it with arguments
    Notes: Are there additional questions or observations you have about this material that affect your decision to use it? (i.e. this is an opinion piece that I will use to demonstrate one side of an argument).
    No additional questions
    Final Recommendation: Will you use this resource? Why or why not?
    Yes since it is open access so students do not need to pay to learn


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