Implementation: standardization

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created by Doug Bickford (@dbickford)

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Problem: student frustration with different expectations from each professor for foundational skills/knowledge. For example, different expectations for medical charting, different expectations for Patient Introductions/Identification, etc.

Empathy: frustration, overwhelmed, anxiety, lack of coordination, poor outcomes


  • all first year faculty need to identify the foundational items that could be standardized in first year (ie charting, consent, introductions, etc).
  • each knowledge/skill item needs to be created/standardized with feedback from faculty
  • technology to leverage: MS Teams
    • creation of faculty MS Teams site which offers:
      • security
      • real time editing of documents
      • resource library
      • communication function

Planned Implementation:

  • the MS Team has been created, all faculty have been assigned to a Team
  • Next steps:
    • Next Faculty meeting: provide prof dev for MS Teams
    • Connect with Faculty to identify ‘foundational’ items to standardize (survey)
    • Create templates based on the items identified including content to generate feedback/discussion
    • Seek feedback/discussion via MS Teams (real time, asynchronous)
    • Finalize expectations and create faculty resources (ie PPT)
    • Faculty: leverage these items within first year classes (common expectations across classes/faculty)

I have uploaded a screenshot of the MS Teams site with some of the standardization documents/share resources for Faculty.

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