Like Driving a Car

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One of the key skills in our profession/program is learning to screen a slide. Many professionals in this field can arrive at the correct diagnosis, but it is difficult to explain why, or how. Some say it is just a “feeling” they get, or they just “know”. However, in order to learn this skill there are many pieces of the puzzle that need to be put together. Such as 1)knowing what a normal slide looks like for this patient according to age, body site, collection method etc… 2)Being able to recognize patterns and determine what the pattern is indicating and 3)Knowing what abnormal looks like in each body site. This is why we begin with teaching students how to recognize each cell type, what patterns may be a clue, what components of a slide are important and what abnormal cells can look like in any given body site. All of these components need to be learned before a student can successfully look at any given slide and render an accurate diagnosis.

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