OER – Applying the CRAAP Test to a resource

A response to the Holy CRAAP! Activity
created by Brian Smith (@brian.smith)

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This was an informative exercise for me. I had intuitively been applying the CRAAP test but seeing it systematically laid out was amazing. Bookmarked the H5P tool and references – will be using this moving forward.

One Response to “OER – Applying the CRAAP Test to a resource”

  1. Brian Smith

    CRAAP Test
    Resource Title: Gilles Villeneuve
    Resource URL: https://ccdl.claremont.edu/digital/collection/p15831coll13/id/2670


    This photo was originally published in 1979. Given that it is a historic representation that date is correct and relevant. The link is functional.


    Yes, this resource relates. It is historically accurate. Is significant and for the audience is informative.

    The creator is Elisa Leonelli, a respected and published photojournalist – https://elisaleonelli.com.


    Yes, the information is supported by documentation. The creator actually provides a essay on the photo – https://ccdl.claremont.edu/digital/collection/p15831coll13/id/2646


    This is historical documentation. It is a record of events and personalities.


    It is genuine and authentic.

    Final Recommendation:

    Yes, I intend to use this resource – it is perfectly matched to the intended course content.


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