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A response to the Outline Your SoTL Plan Activity
created by Simon Moll (@smoll)

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Under the umbrella of Faculty PD, I want to examine the relationship between contract security and access to PD, particularly in the context of microcredentials offered by an external entity which is investing in limited training opportunities. How does the marketing language of “secure your future via microcredentials” reflect the precarity of the post-covid burnout minefield of negotiating job security on an individual basis rather than via collective agreements?

Outside funding in this context is influenced by the asymmetrical dynamic of how full time unionized faculty access annual PD funds to support their work, in contrast to how part time faculty are pursuing microcredentials as leverage to mitigate precarity and migrate from PT to FT stability.

Once the affect and insights of these different stakeholder groups can be assessed via a quantitative and qualitative survey, an appropriate marketing plan can be developed and targeted to distribute externally funded PD opportunities in an equitable way.

The evidence would be a response from the survey and onboarding experience – which coordinates the finite spaces with the two streams of target participants. FT profs bring a more secure institutional attachment, while PT profs have spent more time adapting, and curating lean and agile assessments, materials, and pedagogical practices.

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