After you have selected a technology for your Technologist Module project, refer back to the idea you defined for the Learner Challenge activity.

Circle back to the Learner Challenge Bank padlet where you added your own challenge.

This time add a new padlet post (again double clicking on an area near your first one) that identifies what technology you selected. Now, connect the two posts together.

This is easily done after you finish editing your new post by clicking on the three dot (…) menu item in the top right corner and selecting “Connect to a Post.” Find your first post and click the CONNECT button.

Take a screenshot of the area of the padlet with both posts, then either edit the image to indicate which ones are yours (or embed it into a document and describe them both). Share this an upload or link in your response to this activity.


This activity is part of the Ideate section of the Technologist Module.

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    • Reply to padlet
      shared by Carrie Barrett (@Carrie)

      My response to my original padlet describing what technology I will use to address the learner challenge identified.

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    3 Responses to “Learner Challenge Take 2”

    1. Sherry

      Learner Challenge 2 – Student Understanding of Weekly on-line Assignments
      I have been taking many opportunities to take part in the FanshaweLearn sessions for Bongo and all of the features of Brightspace and am confident that the virtual student learning and engagement features will add to the student understanding of the materials. Face to face was the course intent, but meeting weekly virtually in real time and offering virtual office hours will work well.


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