Tutors and their payroll – Made better Response

Created by Irene Stewart (@IrenequStewart), response for It’s Alive! Activity

The Technologist Module was a thought-provoking adventure for me, where I thought I was going was not where I ended up but the process of working through the sections of the modules and the activities led to what I believe is the right place for helping tutors learn an unfriendly software system for entering their more… »

Sections Analysis for Tutor Training – Payroll Response

Created by Irene Stewart (@IrenequStewart), response for Using the SECTIONS Model to Evaluate a Tool Activity

After mapping out options on paper, I decided on an onboarding video to cover types of appointments, timing and submission process followed by a timeline/check list document that explains how the software expects information to be entered. Then a series of gifs could show the basic steps for each type of appointment and how to more… »

Tutor Payroll Training Response

Created by Irene Stewart (@IrenequStewart), response for Learner Challenge Activity

I added a section called Tutor Payroll Training. I have been thinking about how to make information accessible whenever tutors needed it as well as how to present the steps to payroll in a way that helps with onboarding (a concept in games where beginners are introduced to the game mechanics). I also got a more… »