Concept Visual for Digital Literacy Syllabus Response

Created by Simon Moll (@smoll), response for Syllabus Concept Map Activity

Visual Syllabus of Badge Course Flow The attached diagram indicates the flow of the Microcrendentials to be used atop a foundational set of core Digital Literacy concepts. When approaching a new area of literacy, we can see that there are overarching rules and systems which may not be clear to the learner. To explain this more… »

Learner Challenge: Reaching Students at Point of Need Response

Created by Holly Ashbourne (@hashbourne), response for Learner Challenge Activity

My Learner Challenge: Reaching Students at Point of Need Part of my role is helping students to develop their research/information literacy skills. I find that, while a workshop at the beginning of a semester will work for some, for others, the information is forgotten. By the time the first research assignment comes due, they are more… »