Concept Visual for Digital Literacy Syllabus

A response to the Syllabus Concept Map Activity
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Visual Syllabus of Badge Course Flow

The attached diagram indicates the flow of the Microcrendentials to be used atop a foundational set of core Digital Literacy concepts. When approaching a new area of literacy, we can see that there are overarching rules and systems which may not be clear to the learner.

To explain this new “grammar” in term of digital literacy the following distinctions and tensions must be clarified. The distinctions between hardware, software, internet, cloud and finally a ‘globally integrated circuit’ help set the context for the tensions users, designers, and learners, face.

The tensions present in “a tool to learn about tools” include the degree of complexity in the system, the dynamic of supply vs extraction forces, and the degree of relationality in the interfaces. (Eg. Text vs email, video vs teams,  Butter vs FaceTime.)

The degree of relationality can also be determined by the cohesion of the user group – all premium users, trial users, free platform users, multi platform users, certain regional trends in apps determine if they are suitable for a learner group, this area also overlaps with trends in cybersecurity, social media, and misinformation.

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